Monday, September 05, 2005

Yes; I know I am amazing

Friday, originally uploaded by Harriet Vane.

I know.

It's magical, isn't it, the way photography can be so realistic, so earth-shatteringly true to life as to lend the distant observer something of the vibrancy of actually being present at it's conception.

Here for instance, one is struck by the vital immediacy of the occasion pictured, taken on Friday, August 26th in the fabulous surrounds of the Vic Deli, Tramore. See how the photographer has expertly blurred the image to convey the intense emotions she feels at this, the going away party of (from R to L)Alison, Mags and Rachel? Notice the shaky outlines, implying, somewhat wittily, the probable drunken state of our photographer. Regard also the barely disguised look of tense anxiety on the lovely faces of our models, Mags' lips clenched in only barely glimpsed formation of the word 'fuck'. As in 'Hurry the fuck along, Aughney, or you'll be wearing this cake'.

What genius! What grace and natural elegance married with the wisdom of a true artist informs this whole work! A veritable masterpiece for our age, I think we can all agree.


Chris Cope said...

I spent all day drinking yesterday -- this picture looks a lot like my memory of the latter half of the day.

Tayto said...

Give that man a biscuit...