Friday, September 30, 2005

Pimp your sister

Jack Nealons, originally uploaded by Harriet Vane.

Or Joanne's sister Paula, more to the point. Who is djing in Jack Nealons tomorrow night from 9.30- 1am. I will be there, looking fantastic as usual. You'll recognise me as I will be the one restraining a drunken Joanne. And I'll be the best looking one there. You'll recognise Joanne because she looks like the DJ.



Voodoolady said...

Lucy, you seem a little more crazed then usual. Are you high?

Anonymous said...

Loosey who is this Harriett Vane that uploads all your photos?

Lucy said...

Oh, go google it like a normal person. I can't be arsed explaining my geekiness to you right now.

Curly said...

You've been wrongly accused of murdering someone..?