Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BookTwo.Org - James Bridle is my God

"So the real problem with the ebook as it stands is that it denies us many of these temporal aspects, which produces a kind of cognitive dissonance. And there’s a social layer that forms around this, another timeline of reading reviews and discussing with friends, that the ebook could actually exploit better than the physical book, if we work on it some more. We really need to look at how we address this temporal mode with ebooks."

Great encouragement for people who love literature and who love ebooks and don't want to have to take sides. This blog is actually the best thing I've read about ereading & ebooks in, oh em Gee, one hundred years. I want to marry this blog and have it's babies. Can I elect a blog as president? It would be this blog, everytime.

No, I don't feel I overrely on comedic exageration to emphasise a point because I'm too lazy and stupid to have any rhetorical skills, WHY DO YOU ASK?