Friday, May 18, 2012

The Awl

It's commenters are obviously the WORST and a few of it's heavier posts have a tendancy to drift to 1500- 2000 words*, but increasingly I'm enjoying the Awl. Especially for pieces like this which passes a soberly critical eye over fanfiction derived from Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter novels while floating a few interesting comments about the the darker Romance fiction publications and where their writers come from. That was a disgustingly long and incomprehensible sentence, wasn't it? I'm hope you got out early on.

* And obviously I would never ever consider withdrawing my devotion to my all time favourite love,

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I don't know why organisations use social media when it's awkward & unsocial, chapter 412

 Hey yall.  You interested in the upcoming Irish Stability Treaty Referendum?  Course you are!  EVERYONE is going on about it. Your search "Irish Stability Treaty" brings you to the IIEA treaty subpage with a host of interviews, charts, explanations and updates. Great! Hey guys, can I tweet this?  Can I tweet this while referencing my source? Hey, there's a twitter button!  Yay!

Let's click it, fire this social web up!

Uh, wait a second, this isn't a twitter account. Hmmmm.  Maybe I'll just click on one of these and it'll bring me to the twitter account...
Oh right, it just links to the IIEA blog. Okay, hmmm. Maybe I'll just click on this ole' tweet button here and see if it gets me to the IIEA twitter account:

Cool.The preset tweet is 20 characters over. TOO BORED, MOVING ON.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

This is how I waste my time

8.45 pm: Discover existed
8.46 pm: "This might be useful for Roisin, or for other friends who are getting married soon. Lets find out more..."
8.47 pm: Begin planning imaginary wedding to Mark Ruffalo.
8.49 pm: Stop planning imaginary wedding to Mark Ruffalo because just planning it is getting me too excited to type.

Our weduary site is available at Please give Mark and I the time and space we need to plan our nuptials before ya'll start piling on about the absence of any percievable content on our weduary site: Mark is not pulling his weight in the planning stages WHATSOEVER.