Tuesday, September 17, 2002


*****Breaking news*****


*Joy and love and peace and harmony flood through universe!*

The wonderous day was yesterday, when joyous young mother Lynne gave birth to her first masculine child, at 8.16 yesterday evening. Weighing in at a healthy 6lb 13, the healthcare professionals delivering the child were amazed by his striking good looks and immediate charisma upon leaving his mothers womb.

'That little guy, he's something else!' exclaimed an attending nurse.

Upon request, the new mother informed us that master Kirby does indeed posess ten fingers and toes and 'a whole lot of hair!'

NEWS JUST IN!!: Baby to be christened JOSHUA. Friend Lucy expressed dissapointment at not having the child named after her until it was pointed out (repeatedly) that it was a BOY child.

In other news:
*Lucy asks mammy where babies come from!*
*Mammy explains about the stork and the whole dropping babies down chimneys lark*
*Lucy breathes sigh of relief when she recalls new flat not equipped with chimney. No babies for me then!