Sunday, February 27, 2011

Waterford #GE11 - Now with proof

From Come on the Deise, another like-minded soul sniffing out discrimination. Or Deise-criminiation if you like. God I'm good.

Sorry, have to go, Jim Corr's on the landline; we's got things to discuss...

Waterford #GE11

Here's my question: if you're going to report something quite inaccurately late after the fact, why add a time stamp? David Cullinanes votes were distributed AFTER Paudie Coffey was elected, about 2.10am, Ciara Conway was elected about 3.30am and John Halligan about 4am. If you're telling it wrong and out of sequence it's just words, not news.

In other news, I'd like to offer you some breaking news from the Lucy Aughney News Aggregator:

Sunday 27th Feb 2010 19:24 World War 2 ends

I'm glad I could perform this vital informational service for you, as you were.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uh oh....

Come on: Who here HASN'T signed up for foursquare with their work twitter? AMIRITE??

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My chequered history

MAGS: Look at that there, Lucy, see that sign?
LUCY: ...
AOIFE: What sign, what?
MAGS: Lucy?!
SARAH: [Reads] "Please do not drive vehicles over grass areas" Wait, what?
SARAH: Did you drive your car over the green in Mags' estate??
MAGS: She's a knacker!

LUCY: In my defence, it was dark, no one was around and this estate is ridiculously confusing. And it was aaaaages ago. We clear?

MAGS: No. Knacker.
AOIFE: [Whimpers] What?