Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ahem. Need I say more?

Pre-Hyptnotized Peter

What Office Space character are you?
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Voodoolady said...

I am Bill Lumberg. Figures eh?

Curly said...

Hmm, I got Post-hypnotised Peter. The description started with "You are a laid back person..." I was quite happy with that and far to lazy to read the rest. Something about a Fish?

Chris Cope said...

I am Samir. Shit licker cock monkey.

Joey said...

Strange. Im Michael Bolton - a wigger. Lucy did you have web cams installed in that hotel in Italy or what?

Andraste said...

I came up pre-hypnotized Peter too. Better than that stapler guy, though I do empathize.

fuzzbrian said...

This is fucking brilliant:

Particularly funny if you were there and saw some of the nobs that were at it (especially the Arcade Fire fans), but hilarious none the less.

The two planks from the Thrills are brilliant.