Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Storehouse!, originally uploaded by Harriet Vane.

This is the Guinness Storehouse. I go past it on my way to work everyday. Twice a day, if you're going to be pedantic. If you look you can see the shadow of my head in the extreme left-hand corner.



Misspent said...

Is that a horn?

Lucy said...

Yes. Factories get me in the mood for lovin'. A little known and frequently maligned fact.

fuzzbrian said...

Hey Loosey,
some guy with a really cool blog has being giving out about you and your negative (and rather uncool) attitude towards the town of tramore down in the south east tropics. I think you should get over there quick. the adress is:

PS: his blog is SO HOT!

Marie said...

I can tell by your shadow that you were looking particularily well that day. Just checked out Brians blog and it is shit and I cant see it improving much, that must be why he was trying to poach some of your avid followers away, well it's not going to work, you rock Augh!