Friday, September 23, 2005

Goin' out tonight, baby you and I

"Workin all the time
Work is such a bind
Got some money to spend
Living for the weekend

When it gets too much
I live for the rush
Got some money to spend
Living for the weekend"

Quite. What are my posse up to for this glorious weekend, I wonder? My peeps? My crew? I'll tell you, shall I:

->I, myself, am going to a Country and Western themed fiftieth birthday this evening. Then a Rory Gallagher tribute band in Murphs. Tomorrow I am going to a Book Fair in Graignemanagh (yeah, I know, okay? Blame the librarian mater), followed by a trip to the O'Neills twins, Aoife and Sarah's ('Twit and twat' in Mags-speak) 21st in Mols in the evening. Everyone who's anyone is going to be there. As in all those dear, sweet people who live in the countryside 'round Tramore, keep cows in their back-gardens and are all cousins of each other*. Redneck invasion.

->Aoife and Burt are going out in Dublin. To Barcode methinks which is generally known in these parts as Samantha Mumba's local. Since Monday Burt has been going around saying: 'I'm going to be fucking rotten drunk on Friday! Tee-hee!' Yes, he giggles like a girl. Sometimes I think he is about two drinks away from homosexuality. One drink if he's with Andrew.

->Mags (hurrah for the Welsh immigrant!) is coming home! Ostensibly for the twins' birthday but we all know it's for the All Ireland. And to get loved-up with Donal. But I didn't say that...

->Annie is picking up her brand new motor. 'O2 VW Polo. Blue. Matches her handbag, apparently.

->Celia (news just in!) is going to Bucharest. Haven't a clue where it is myself.

->My dad is off to Tipp to get loved-up with his woman. Nice.

->Sally wins though. Sally is heading off to a recording studio in Bandon, Co Cork to record backing vocals for the demo of a band, the bassist of which she knows from college. I'm sorry, but that is shit-cool. All week she's been running around saying to people: 'What ya doin' on the weekend? Yeah? Oh, I'll try and drop in AFTER I'M BACK FROM THE STUDIO'.

My sister: she makes me so proud it sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

"Run down the street, Adidas on my feet
I'm on fire..."

*I'm talking to you, Fleming/O'Neill dynasty.


Jenny said...

Hey Aughney, why wasnt I invited to this hoe(sp?) down tonite?

fuzzbrian said...

Making music in a recording studio in the country is so back when i was 15. Everyone knows that anything cool done these days is done on an Apple MAc in yer bedroom, mastered through the downloadble version of Pro-Tools and sent around to your mates with i-tunes.

hope she has a really "nice" time tho.

Lucy said...

Get off my blog.

celia said...

it was budapest luce! not bucharest (even im not sure where that is!) but it was lovely!