Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A veritable orgasm of poor planning

Oh, it's all go here! First of all the library figures are on the up and up, and there has been a colossal ONE HUNDRED people through the library doors since 9.30 this morning (There's a monitoring system- I didn't count them or anything). Also, I am personally all of a tizzy due in part to the poor planning of a certain alcohol-based social event I am arranging for tonight and also because I like feeling tizzy as it makes me feel drunk. My quandries are as follows:
  1. I forgot to buy tights for tonight
  2. I forgot to buy food for tonight
  3. I forgot to buy drink for tonight
  4. I forgot to buy anyone's Christmas presents
  5. Someone told me the new Harry Potter release date and I have no-one to tell. I hate this
  6. Christmas is Friday. FRIDAY. Did you know about this? They should advertise the damn thing better or something.
  7. I lost my packet of Hubba bubba somewhere in the management section and when I went back for it someone had robbed it. Bloody students

I am awash with worry. I am going to go lie down in the staff room until someone comes looking for me. Probably be about 2007.


Voodoolady said...

I found out about Harry Potter this morning aswell, I told my mum, she was not very impressed unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

i think you will find that its christmas eve on friday. the actual christmas day thing is saturday!