Friday, December 03, 2004

Two birds, one stone

One might think (wrongly, I feel) that adjusting oneself to staff and conduct of a new workplace would necessitate quite a bit of time and effort, keeping one's head down and trying to fit in. As is common for me on most points, I demur. My preferred method of workplace adjustment and alignment is to get stonkingly drunk at the Christmas party, tell your boss dirty jokes while teasing him for hiring a complete waster (ie. me), dance like a mad thing and tell your co-workers (known for only four days mind) that you love them, and finally, round off the evening by snogging someone from another branch. Worked like a charm for me!

Everyone knows my name now (though 'the-new-one-who-got-off-with-John' is a bit of a mouthful) and there is no need to gradually reveal my annoying weird side, as it has been fully outed! Result!


Voodoolady said...

That's a good way to start a new job lucy, now they'll all love you because
a. You are up for getting really pissed
b. You are easy
What more could anyone want in a work colleague?!

Linus said...

I'm trying to find a flaw in this logic, and I can't.

Anonymous said...

way hey Aughney getting some love action!!!!