Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ho bloody ho

That's it, I am done with Christmas shopping. There is nothing out there! I have spent ages (alright, thirty-five minutes of my dinner break) looking for stuff to buy, and what do I have to show for it? Nada! And it's so boring thinking about what other people want! What about what I want, eh? And I really, really can't be bothered actually getting people good presents. I tried to ring Marie to find out where all the youngsters were getting their jeans nowadays (that's what I was going to buy my sister) but she was a big fat waste of time. Spent twenty minutes blathering on about absolutely nothing. God, Christmas is so boring. Also Marie, but she is boring all year round.

Everyone is just getting things I can nick from work this year. There's only so many pens and packs of post-its to go round, so if you want something exotic like a stamp pad or a quire of photo-copy paper, get in with your order fast.


Mossy said...

I would like the 1997 January Edition of "Computer Things Monthly". If not that, the February Edition will do fine.

Linus said...

Tipex, plz. You can make your own entertainment with that.

DarkoV said...

You should've taken your own advice, from your previous blog. Get 3 drinks in you and then meander around the stores. Throw in anothe 3 drinks and any credit card chit you sign will be completely illegible. When your monthly bill comes, you can dispute the charges, as it wasn't your signature. So, gifts for free; well, they did cost you 6 drinks. Cheers and Happy Inebriated Shopping!