Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Part-Time Students; Full-Time Assholes

The youth of today! I have been rudely assailed by generation Y! There I was, sitting at the main desk of the library, topping a load of pencils using a bread knife from the kitchen, when some cheeky little feck squeals from the other end of the counter, 'Uh, like, hello!'

These night-time hours are fairly dodgy- all the part-time students who aren't smart or civilised enough to get into regular education come sauntering in, demanding special privileges because they live in far off places like Bray or Meath. And they have the cheek to demand I get up and walk all the way over to where they are standing, even though I am doing vital library work topping pencils! What would become of the place if no pencils were topped? I'll tell you what would happen: absolute bedlam. Crazy mad things would start happening, and all because of those selfish-as-shit part-time students.

Do you know anyone who is a part-time student? Or lives in Bray or Meath? Kick 'em for me, would ya? I'll never have time to get to them all.


Mossy said...

I sense a lot of pent up aggression. You need a release. Find one.

Anonymous said...

hey lucy i have 30 hrs a week so don't make the part time student category but did'nt u only have an 8 hr wk last year that sounds part time to me!!!!