Tuesday, November 30, 2004

So this is what a real job looks like!

Whoo boy, was I in for a rude awakening when I started my new job! I was frozen in a state of actual shock on the bus home last night, staring blankly at the small red 'stop' button for ten minutes and missing my stop. What had just happened, I wondered?

I arrived, unusually for me, one and a half hours early. The library doesn't open till 9.30am here apparently. No-one told me. My first day was spent wandering the stacks and trying to hide from my co-workers. Seriously, they all expect me to talk to them and stuff. It's embarrassing.

Gone are my constant internet access, my masses of free alone time, my lengthy solitary lunches. Now I have no computer, no chair, no email, no staff card and no clue. And I have to pass the time of day with everyone ALL DAY LONG. Hell on earth, friends.

What I do like about this joint is the unforeseen opportunity to expand my sadistic side. Besides the more obvious thrill of asking people for fines and being downright rude to them, I also get to squint suspiciously at the students as they come in the gates, watching for food or drink which I can then bellow at them for bringing in. It is magnificent. I tremble slightly after doing it. It more than makes up for the friendly co-workers (ugh) and the constant presence of students.

Well, almost.

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Anonymous said...

hey lucy wot library is it again think my friends mom could be one of your new "friends"!!!-Amy