Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Have you got eyes in that head of yours?

Look to the right-hand side of this site. No, your right. And scroll down a bit. See that? Under my archives you can now access all of your favourite Lucy Aughney Newsletters, written in my younger years when I was lazy, disconsolate and time-wasting. Or in other words, when I was in college. Something I should tell you about the Newsletters: they haven't aged well. Like Kevin Costner in that respect. Not so much like Kevin Costner apart from that.

Amy has updated! Disappointing in her lack of commitment, but that's Amy all out for you. Donna has posted also! The slightly depressing news is that Donna has finally renounced Christmas and all things tinselly and holly-bedecked. I think it is a mean way to get out of giving anyone presents.
My prelimenary Christmas list is available for consultation here.


Voodoolady said...

Christmas is for losers anyway. Birth of Jesus, pah.

Linus said...

Hey! Hey! You! Hey!

Where's the newsletters?

Notivce how I adroitly stayed on topic? Also, top Costner reference.