Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I have a problem. My fringe is in a critical state at the moment and I am unsure of which course of action to take with it. It is currently at a length somewhere between daringly long and daringly short. The question is what to do with it now, as it is extremely unmanagable and tiresome. Should I take the plunge and trim it myself? Or should I embrace change and allow it to grow a bit, leaving the way open for exciting new haristyles in the future when I can part it at the side and thrust it from my face with careless (but lovely) irritation. Decisions, decisions.

I dont want to lose the thing completely of course. I enjoy having something to pull on when anxiety strikes. And it will be useful when age besets my youthful brow and lines it cruelly. But it is quite high maintenance. To fringe or not to fringe? That is the question.


Mossy said...

I say, grow the fringe and do the side parting. Maybe get some layers then to introduce the fringe to your longer hair, and fray it a little so it is thinner on the front and thinker as it goes around.

But what do I know?

Lucy said...

Holy shit, Mos. You sounded pretty gay there. Go out and do something manly right away, like chopping wood or belching.

Voodoolady said...

maybe you should grow it out a bit more, I've often thought of getting a fringe myself because they are so advantageous. Firstly, you can hide unsightly forehead blemishes either of the spot kind or gruesome self inflicted scratch kind (I scratch in my sleep). If your fringe is of the required length you can hide behind it at opportune moments, for example, passing someone you don't want to talk to on the street or during particularly tedious tutorials/lectures or even conversations when all you want to do is fall asleep. This is also helpful on the bus because although I can fall asleep very easily on buses, I am always worried that I am sleeping with my mouth wide open and perhaps dribbling a little. A fringe would need to be seriously long for that kind of coverage though.
Maybe I should just invest in a very big hat.