Monday, November 15, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Here follows some correspondence I have recieved from my many fans over the weekend. Read and pretend for a few moments that you are as popular and as cool as me. I have not corrected the glaring grammatical and spelling mistakes as I would like you to appreciate how dumb my friends really are. Enjoy!

'Well Tramore WON the County Final yesterday!! So we are now in the
Intermediate Championship next year, and we will go on to the Munster
Champsionship and then the all ireland and then Europe!!!

We will put Tramore on the map yet!!!

I went out after yesterday, it was mad there was bonfires burning on the knock beside Rachel flemings house on our way back, my dad decided to do the same to our knock and then the firebrigade came along!!! And the gardai!! I only had 6 drinks and then went on the water and blackcurrant!! I am very good#!'

-Mairead, Tramore dweller and arsonist

'hey lucy,
how are things? i found your blog about sweden v interesting - i may never pay a visit there now i know no polar bears roam the streets - which is exactly what every tourist wants to see!'

- Celia, polar bear lover and adopted English person

'Lucy you cad,

How was Waaaaaaaterford this weekend? Have fun at the Arabian Derby, you lucky b*stard? I decided to shun drink for the weekend, which meant I SAT AT HOME DRINKING CHEAP TAKE OUT RATHER THAN SPENDING HARD EARNED CASH IN THE PUB. Sorry, I must have pressed caps lock there. I'm too lazy to fix the sentence.

If you don't hear from me for a long period of time just presume I'm in jail. Just realised today that I've been driving around with my tax out by three months. I wonder how I'd survive in the joint. I'm not very hard, I tend to cry and run away a lot. So I better hurry up and tax my car.'

-Joanne, bra expert and part-time criminal

'all gud here,,, v rough weekend.... am still extremely sick... very very very sick... why do i do it to myself why????'

-Ashling, ill person and amateur alcoholic

'My kidneys still hurt!'

-Jenny... actually, I dont know this person at all.


Anonymous said...

i have not been adopted by the english and so what if i leke polar bears

Lucy said...

Ew, you 'leke' Polar bears? That sounds unhygienic. And I know for a FACT you say 'Boxing day' instead of Stephens', so dont try and deny your tendency to all things Anglo!