Friday, November 26, 2004

Richie McRich

Ah, yes. November twenty-sixth. Hereafter known as 'Tax-back Day'. I am rolling in dough. I am heading to the bank now to cash this huge mother of a cheque, after which I will spread the money evenly on a carpeted area, smear myself with butter and roll around in it. Buttery money, mmmm.

Last night saw the debut of my Australian accent. It's not too hot, and doesn't go far beyond 'Oi, Kylie! Throw some shrimp on the barbie! Wanna play some rugger?' but the Australian I shared it with seemed fairly impressed. Of course, he was hoping to get off with Marie at the time (Marie- pretty much a sure thing) so he may have been humouring me. No matter, I love to be humoured! Especially when I am rich rich rich! Ach, I love saying that.

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Voodoolady said...

So the drinks are on you tomorrow night Luce?