Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tense Times

Not really. According to Fox News Bush is a vote away from victory. My head is hurting. This girl has the right attitude.

'I arrived at 1:30PM. You could smell the democracy in the air. Like springtime but politics. And, underneath, the faint scent of horse manure.'

According to my calculations, Kerry can win if he takes the last five states. Is this likely? No. Consider it a raft to cling to in the storm. The IT guy has just come in and told me, with considerable glee, that Iran will be invaded next week. Where he gets his information I don't know and didn't ask; the man can see where I go on the net all day, I'm not about to antagonize him! Anybody up for a drink before the war?

PS: Why is RTE showing very dull, very unsexy footage of the Dail? Do they know there's an election on in America?!? Poor old Carole Coleman, they'll have to pull her off Washington- she won't get another interview for the next four years!

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