Monday, November 01, 2004


Was all set to post hilarious and self-deprecating string of anecdotes vaguely connected to reality but have been suddenly struck by horrible, deadening, soul-sapping wave of tiredness. As in,so tired that I just realised I no longer had chewing gum in my mouth and started worrying about where it had gone. As in, so incredibly tired that I wonder if I'll be able to remember where I live. [Yes, I will; it's the messy place with the broken washing machine and an assortment of hungover people in] So no irreverent witticisms from me this evening! Don't beg, its demeaning.

Am going home now (early, you might note) to slip quietly into a coma. Hopefully will manage to make it home before this happens, as my neighbourhood is not that nice after dark. Nor in daylight.

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