Thursday, July 14, 2005

You had a dirty look, you caught me on your hook

1: Lead singer in HARD-Fi
2: Mike Skinner (The Streets)
3: Jack White
4: Tim something-or-other, keyboard player from Keane
5: Pete Doherty

How girlish of me. Joanne and I spent yesterday afternoon exchanging angry emails over who the most fanciable men in music were. Oh God. I can't believe I just wrote the words 'most fanciable'. At least I didn't say 'most shaggable' or something vile like that. We'll move on.

Anyway, Joanne is with me on the Mike Skinner thing and the Tim from Keane thing but she has dismissed Jack White for being too high maintainence. We almost came to blows, or at least hissy fits, over Pete Doherty. While I find him enchanting in an utterly doomed and tragicly beautiful way, Joanne feels that 'that complete waste of human skin should be shot, not famous.'

But oh, I love the HARD-Fi. Please God let them not turn out to be this year's Athelete or I will weep pitiously and long. Whenever I hear Hard to Beat on the radio I have to lie down flat on the floor to control my breathing. Honestly. There isn't many pieces of music that affect me so drastically. I can actually feel my heart speed up.

Good grief. I disgust myself. I'm off to beat up a dog and/or practice spitting. I'm getting much too soft for my own good.


Ashleenah said...

Hey LOOSER ( combination of loser and loose as in Luce -i hope it catches on) i get that when listen to declan - i LOVE him -looser i damn u too eternal blistering heat in hell for introducing me to such a music man - love you- HEY reply to my emails SLAG

Lucy said...

You are so needy and pathetic. Lucky I find that attractive.

Carl said...

Hey, what's wrong with Athelete?

Anonymous said...

i prefer leo who sings with mike skinner-v fit!

Curly said...

A couple Female friends have told me in greatest confidence (so here I am broadcasting it on the interweb) that they fancy my little brother because he looks like the keyboard player from Keane. I've never seen him though so couldn't comment.

I love it when songs can do that to you, only a couple of Easyworld tracks do that to me - I always have to lie still, just incase I miss any of it!

I might also join your I'm-not-soft club and try stuffing a kitten into a wine bottle this afternoon.

Brian said...

Quickened heart beat and shortness of breath. Sounds like a minor heart attack, if you ask me.

Joey said...

Remember when Declan O' Rourke gave you a suggestive wink Lucy? Bi-atch.