Thursday, July 07, 2005


On those rare occasions when I manage to make it to work not only on time but before time, I like to dash off a quick email to a few of my peeps to impress them with my work ethic at hitting the office at 8.30am. Nothing huge, often just a laid back 'Yo, 'zup, homie? Nothing new here, just checkin'. Peace out.' See? Really casual. Sometimes I ring my mother, even though she's not in work 'till ten, just to alert her to the fact that I, her daughter, am early for work. I see it as just return on her hounding me out the door for school at nine for fourteen years.

This morning, however, I just lay down on the floor and moaned softly for ten minutes. I am VERY tired. I stayed up late watching the concert at Murrayfield ("Humphna-huh! Ah-huh ah-huh Papa's gotta bran' new baaaag!" That was my James Brown impression.) and boy, was it great. That Jamie Callum guy I REALLY like. And hands up who hasn't been waiting for the Boomtown Rats to reform? Personally, I was moved to tears when McFly sang their breakout hit 'It's All About You'. If that doesn't help to end world poverty then I don't know what will.

By the way, I am aware that half-past one is not really late for genuine swingers like yourself, but it is for me. And that's really the only reason I need when it's my blog.

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