Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Inspired by overdosing on episodes of Most Haunted, Joanne and the A-Man went on a ghost hunting mission around the backroads of Meath with her parents' camcorder. Here's the lowdown:

'Hi Lucy!!

'You missed the action last night. Ooooh, very spooky indeed.

'We actually couldn't find the haunted well, but we drove down a very spooky lane. Caught nothin there. Then we went to the Esso cos the A-man wanted smokes. Then we went down the notorious Bush Lane. Popular with randy couples the county over.

'So we parked up at the old graveyard and pointed the camera in at the headstones. The only vaguely spooky thing about this is that if you squinted, the headstones looked like menacing figures. But they werent menacing figures, they were lumps of stone. So we got out of the car. I went first with the camera, very blair witch actually. Then for the craic I did the snottery thing into it. A-Man told me to shut up cos I was killing the mood.

'So then we thought we heard something so we ran to the car. THEN I caught an orb!!!! I swear to god! So cool I have to show it to you!'

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