Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Biggie speaks

My sister and I are so cute. On Saturday when we were working together we came up with these adorable nicknames for each other. I'm Biggie and she's Smalls. Using them involves a lot of shrieking 'High five, Biggie!' and 'Right on, Smalls!'. It's ADORABLE. Speaking of the blonde one, I cleverly got out of getting her a birthday present a few weeks back by promising a night out on the town for her and her mate, Jenny. I assumed they'd be too thick to manage to figure out the bus timetable. Do not second-guess determined teenagers when the promise of free alcohol is on the table, is what I've learned this week. They are coming up to visit with me next Friday, which, believe it or not is a special day in my house. Well, in my head, at least.

On August fifth, 2005, I will officially be celebrating the one year anniversary of my blog. It is very significant and noteworthy. So significant and noteworthy that I have decided to throw open the doors of my spacious and attractive home to all comers. Well, not all comers obviously. Only those who have received an invite may enter the hallowed portal of my chateau. So, if you haven't got an invite by now, you're out of the loop. GET OVER IT, LOSER. Please come bearing drink and gifts. I (may) prepare eats. Haven't decided yet. If I do, they will most likely be comprised of whatever I have in the cupboard. If you do not enjoy rice cakes with ketchup, scallions or cupasoup, bring a dish of something yourself.


Linus said...


I expect you to resolve the matter promptly, Aughney.

Mossy said...

On your aniversary remember who introduced you to the blogosphere. ME!

Plus I have yet to recieve an invite. I assume it is just delayed in the post. That must be it. If it doesn't arrive i'll assume it got lost in the post, and i'll turn up to your party anyway.