Thursday, July 21, 2005

The downside of saving the human race

Some things they don't tell you till it's too late. Like, as you are sliding off the padded chair, clutching your wrist under your chin, delighted with yourself for giving blood and indescribably proud of the two inch plaster adorning the inside of your elbow, the nurse calls out: 'Now, no alcohol for 24 hours. And no smoking for two hours.'

Ahem? I didn't sign up for this.


Linus said...

It's a dirty lie. The alcohol just has more effect because there is 1 pt. less of you. This means that you have a cheap night out.

Eat a pie, though. That'll balance the alcohol molecules, or at least if it doesn't, it'll stop you fainting.*

*The voice of EXPERIENCE.

Chris Cope said...

Having inadequately trained ladies ram bits of metal into my flesh so as to rob me of my essence has never appealed to me. Thankfully, I am not allowed to give blood in the United States because I lived in England during the mad cow scare. Yes! Hooray CJD!

Lucy said...

Ha! The nurse was male! You sexist pig, you.