Saturday, January 01, 2005

Mairead Adds A Further Perspective...

'...And then we were walking into the Baldy and I knew you were having trouble walking in your shoes-'
'The heel fell off one.'
'So I said to you to straighten up and walk proper so that the bouncers wouldn't give you any hassle but you said you were grand-'
'I was grand.'
'So then when we were going in, didn't you stop and start talking to one of the bouncers! And you must have been talking about some film you had seen or something-'
'The Sound of Music. I was telling him he reminded me of the Mother Superior.'
'Yes, because you were doing all these gestures, and then you were singing a Johnny Cash song and saying 'now that was a great man'.
'Then I got you inside and put you sitting down but you kept getting up and running off when I turned my back.'

'And what about the fight?'
'Oh, I don't know what happened there. It was over so fast and when I asked what had happened, you tapped the side of your nose and said you had it all sorted. And that Dell wouldn't be bothering anyone for a long time.'
'What does that mean? Was I organsing a hit?'
'A what? I don't know. You were pretty locked. You wouldn't get in the car to go out to Brian's house unless we all agreed you were stone cold sober. Then you fell over getting in.'
'Nicely done. Ironic, you might say.'

'Do you remember yelling 'Here's to 2005, fuckers!' at people out my car window?'
'... I don't remember. Period. It wasn't a good night for memories all round.'
'How about you sticking your fingers up at the angel on Brian's tree cos you said it looked at you funny?'
'No. That sounds like a good memory though, i'll pretend I do. God, I'm such a fool! Such a drunken idiot! Do you hate me? Does everyone hate me?'
'No. Everyone was drunk, it was New Years after all.'
'You weren't drunk.'
'That's because I was too busy watching you fuck up.'

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