Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Diversion

Because of recent ruptures in my household, I am unable at present to relate to you any of last night's events until I consult my legal team. Instead I will share with you something entirely irrelevent and frivolous. Lucy's Top Ten Favourite Songs! At the moment, naturally. I reserve the right afforded all women to change my mind at any time I please.

1: Can't Let Go- Lucinda Williams
2: You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)- White Stripes
3: I Wanna Get Married- Nellie McKay
4: Desdemona- From Verdi's Othello
5: Somebody Told Me- The Killers
6: UnWritten- Natasha Bedingfield [I'M SORRY, Ok?]
7: Lonelily- Damien Rice
8: Use Me- Bill Withers
9: Spiral Staircase- Kings of Leon
10: No Cheap Thrill- Suzanne Vega

Now! Doesn't that give you a little more of an insight into the wonder that is Lucy? In fact, if you were a real fan you could make up a mixed tape of all those songs and sit in your room and listen to it and imagine you actually are me. Wow.


claire said...

Oh my God Luc I now feel like a true friend because I am aware of recent ruptures in your household and to be honest I think even the Legal team will be highly confused. I really do not agree with the list you have there as I am sure i remember you drunkenly confessing that your all time favourite song is Barbie Girl followed by YMCA and of course Billie Because we want to. So go on Luc be honest and fess up about your true favourite songs I dare ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Please come on hols please please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linus said...

I doff my cap. I wasn't aware other people liked Lucinda Wiliams. If you've not heard 'Changed the Locks' It's a brilliant song. In fact, if you have heard it, it's still brilliant.

Brilliance is the key, here, Ms. Aughney.

Voodoolady said...

I have to say that not one of those songs would make it into my top ten of the moment, but that isn't saying much. Just to see what possibly might make it I had a quick look at my itunes 'recently played' list.
What I found was embarassing quite frankly, given that 'I don't want to miss a thing' by Aerosmith was there, but I swear I had the bloody thing on random.

claire said...

OH MY GOD!!!! Voodoo Lady has lived up to her name and I am totally freaked out!!!! While reading her comment I thought to myself.... hmmm Aerosmith I haven't heard that song in yonks and then the dj on FM104 said ...."and here is Aerosmith" (I kid you not!!!) I am now listening to the song while i write this and I am feeling very uncomfortable..... what sort of powers does this woman have??? Does she control the world?????

Voodoolady said...

Dammit Claire, you have discovered my secret. Do not be afraid.

Misspent Life said...

I did not know a single one of those songs. But since I enjoy Damien Rice's O, I picked up Lonelilly on iTunes. It says it has explicit lyrics but I can't pick up on any. I also didn't listen to it and pretend I was Lucy. If I had dozens of Stella (what is it with Stella nowadays? All the pretty boys in the US drink it. It has replaced Heinekken as the drink of choice. Of course, more downscale folks will depend on Coronas. I prefer something with a bit more oomph.

If you want embarrasing songs (I'm assuming Natasha Bedingfield is emarrassing?), I once listened to King of My Castle by Wamdue Project (?) for just about a whole weekend. I blame that for my recurring insanity.

Oh, and is Honey to the Bee a Billie song? I can't find my Now v.4,328 CD that has Billie on it.

Voodoolady said...

Misspent life, you are not alone. King of my castle was once my friend and I's song, meaning everytime it came on when we were out we went crazy on the dancefloor. Embarassing but true.

Bossom O'Malley said...

Ah natasha speaks the truth - feel the rain on your skin -- noone else can feel it for you ---

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