Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Confirmed Loser

Oh dear. This morning I took the plunge and installed a blog counter thing. If you can't see it it's down a bit to the right. See it? Don't laugh. It's not my fault I'm still in single digits. It's horribly depressing though. It just sits there and looks at me, reminding me that only four people have visited my blog today, two of whom have been me. The other two are meaningless and transitory as they did not comment nor leave me any sweets. It's so pathetic and needy. I'm thinking of taking it down. Like I needed another thing to fret obsessively over anyway.

Think I'll go off and read this. That might calm my fears of rejection.


Chris Cope said...

I used to be very keen on keeping tabs of who was reading my blog. Then I gave up because it was too depressing. I now like to think of my blog as the web equivalent of a transient in a train station loudly talking away to himself. If someone wants to stop by and listen for a while, that's great, but I'm not going to stop talking if they go away.

claire said...

Oh come on Luc, I thought you were better than this. Since when do you care what people think of you??? Do not fear rejection!!! What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!!!! And f**k anyone who makes you feel shitty!!

PS I think your blog is hilarious and I log in daily to add the witicisms of Lucy Aughney to my dull boring disturbing life!! Also you inspired me and I started up a blog too to help me come to terms with my dull boring disturbing life!! Check it out....