Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well. Me and Aoife discussed our highlights of 2004 last night. Then I coughed solidly for half an hour and Aoife suggested I maybe had bronchitis and I wrote that idea down in a notebook for consideration later. Aoife's highlight of 2004 was hearing the Pixies sing Here Comes Your Man in Phoenix Park in June. Mine turned out to be waiting for a bus one rainy morning in October. Who would have thought it? That's just the way things work out, I guess. Then we considered what might be our highlights for 2005. We couldn't think about philosophical things like that so I asked Aoife 'have you seen my tin whistle?' and she wisely feigned sleep.

I can see the flag of the Croatian Embassy from where I'm sitting. At least, I think it's the Croatian Embassy. I'm not as up on my flags as I once was.

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