Friday, February 25, 2005

Sponge! I never knew ye!

For the past couple of weeks I have been slaving away trying to get all our Annual Reports in order. There aren't all that many, and they're not in that much of a mess, but for some reason this task is taking me quite a long time. Some might call me lazy; I prefer 'creative worker' or uninhibited by time'. Or 'Lucy, maiden of the dawn with the glowing locks'. But I'll answer to anything, essentially.

This morning, cruising around government websites, I came across this little beauty. Guess what these guys do: test people's quality of life. Seriously. Just look at this. And this. And this. This is news to these people. Discovering amazing non-facts like these would be ideal for me. Last night I discovered that SquareBob SpongeHead [SquarePants SpongeBob. SpongeHead SquareBob. Squarehead Spongeman?] was a living creature and not just a weirdly animated bathroom item. Sponges are living things. This is amazing. And just look at this! The library service position is vacant! Can I cold-call them and ask for a job? Or would that be a small bit needy?
No. I am going straight home this evening to talk to the round yellow chap in my bathroom about his living and working conditions. All this time and I never knew!

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