Thursday, February 10, 2005


Fame as finally come for me! My mother has had my graduation picture put in the Munster Express, Waterford's weekly source of valuable and necessary news items. Try this one, found under Tramore notes:

Buala Bhos!

Well done indeed to the two teenage girls going home from school who took the time and trouble to repack a senior citizen's shopping bag when she dropped it as a stray dog annoyed her.

This ones mad, because I actually live in Clarinwood, so it's probably my dog fouling up the place:

Thank You

A group of residents at Clarinwood, Tramore wish to extend sincere gratitude to John Deasy T.D. for his diligent representations on their behalf involving a number of collective and individual matters, including the provision of dog fouling warning signs.

Honestly! They put this crap on their website but I can't find my picture anywhere! Somebody in that office has very strange priorities. It's alright though, I'm sure my mother has bought the paper and cut it out for me. It can now go in my scrapbook of fame. Also in there is five-year old me giving the bouquet to Kathleen Watkins, me coming third in my school's obstacle race, aged ten, and me receiving an Oscar for best sound engineering. One of those awards is not entirely true. The fun is in the guessing.

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