Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All is Well

Burt (aka David Burtenshaw) is not moving out. Thanks to all NONE of you who offered to move into his room and cover the bills for me, but he's staying put for the time being. Last night I probed the matter gently.

Lucy: So...what are you watching?
Burt: [Avec much eye rolling at the telly] The soccer!
Lucy: Ah, right. So... are you moving out, then?
Burt: Dunno yet, may do.
Lucy: But, this Friday...?
Burt: No. Not this Friday. Anyway, Aoife said I have to give two weeks notice if I want to move out or she'll cut my balls off. So I thought I'd think about it a bit more.
Lucy: Aha. Good plan. And why, exactly, do you want to...?
Burt: Can't say. But I'm sticking around until I get a few things sorted out.
Lucy: Like?
Burt: Actually, it's more like a few people I have to sort out, if you know what I mean.
Lucy: Ah. No, actually. What people?
Burt: Can't say.

What does all this mean? Is he being purposefully obtuse or just enigmatic? Or has his wish to become a CIA hitman, declared last week while watching The Bourne Supremacy, finally come true? Who is his next hit? What the hell can he mean?


Chris Cope said...

If he starts talking to himself, saying things like "They will see. They'll learn not to try to steal my magic bag. I'll teach them," you should probably lock your bedroom door at night.

Misspent Life said...

Maybe he is pregnant and will enter a convent until he births the child, who will have fuzzy feet, hands, and red eyes like his mother. Who will be revealed to be the devil.

Mossy said...

Maybe he's just Dumb and actually doesn't know anything. He does watch soccer (all the freakin time) after all.