Sunday, April 30, 2006

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So there I was, mashing the spuds for the lunch and Sally wanders down stairs.

'Oh! OH!' says my mum. 'I see the dead has arisen!'
Sally scoffed in a hungover manner. 'How long are you up?' she tosses to me.
'I have a bone to pick with you, miss!' Says mum.
'Great' says Sal.

'Your exams are starting next week; what on earth were you doing out last night?!'
I chuckled merrily at this. 'Lucy made me go out.' whined my sister.
'And what were you doing on the phone till seven this morning?!' continued the one-woman inquisition.
'Talking to Carl.' she pouted.

'Now Sally, I will not have you making reckless calls to mobile phones at all hours. It is very bold and naughty' and my mother went on in this manner for some moments. Sally yawned. Then she looked at me. I was hopping round the kitchen in bare-foot glee, laughing softly to myself as I am wont to do when in a good humour.

'What is wrong with you, you big fool?' She said.
'I am delighted because for once you and not me are in the bad books and I am the good daughter!' I trilled gleefully. Sally glowered. I hopped on, whooping with mad, glorious joy.

Sally rolled her eyes and prepared to quash. 'Anyway, Mother, I don't know if you know this but Lucy was amazingly drunk last night and fell over in the road after the disco finished and the whole place wet themselves laughing and her knees were pumping bleeding and she just kept sitting there on the kerb outside Murphs laughing while I tried to clean up the blood.'

I stopped hopping. My mother eyed me warily. 'Go on, make her show you the cuts on her knees if you don't believe me' said my sister.

'Well? What have you got to say for yourself?' demanded the Mater.

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Chris Cope said...

Should have said: "I hurt my knees in a scuffle with Sally. I was keeping her from whoring herself to a group of Polish migrant workers."