Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tis a pity she's a...bitch

Mairead's dog Lily gave birth to puppies this evening. For weeks they thought she had a tumour but as it turned out she was knocked up. She is keeping quiet on who the father is. As they were born on my birthday the puppies will be called Lucy, Lucy, Lucy and Lucy. So my name can live on.

UPDATE: Puppies all male. So what? The names stay.


Neal said...

I think that dog is eating one of the Lucys.

Mairéad said...

You know they are your birthday present from me to you!! I made Lily get knocked up especially for you........so will i drop the puppies down later around 7 or so??
see ya then

stephenesque said...

Happy belated birthday. No doubt you will be celebrating with a night out at 'Ladies' Slip' or whatever it was called.