Monday, March 20, 2006

If you aren't reading this we may all be dead

But if you are we're not! Something's afoot. I can't do anything to my blog anymore. I poke it but it just belches at me. I wring my hands and it smirks. Aaaagh! All I get is this:

450 Write error: No space left on deviceblog/18/61/12/feigninginterest/archives/2005_01_01_feigninginterest_archive.html

I think, I think Blogger is calling me fat.


Curly said...

Uh huh. I tried reading earlier but all I got was the birdie.

Seems to work okay now.

Mossy said...

Looks like they ran out of space on the server or something.

Probably because you're fat too tho.

Lucy said...

Bastardo! And on my birthdat at all, tsk.

Andraste said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! I'm sure blogger will get itself sorted in time for whatever wonderfully funny things you'll have to say today.

You do have something that'll make us laugh today, doncha?

Curly said...

Happy Birthday too.

In the style of probably the last person to remember and just mumbles it when you vaguely look in their direction.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Chick xxx