Friday, May 13, 2005

I work all day, and get half-drunk at night

I am suffering from bloggers block. It is like other kinds of writing block except it is less interesting and involves moping and excessive whinging. I blame my recent sobriety. Do you know that I have not been drunk for over two weeks? Alright, I was tipsy enough last Thursday to walk into a street sign but besides that, nothing. I am dry as dust. Luckily for all my fans I am finally getting to retire spectacularly from the library this evening (Lucy fucked up with handing in her notice and had to hang around for another week. A cruel person might roll their eyes and say 'typical Lucy'. I hope my friends will think more kindly of me.), and I intend to do so in the same style and aplomb as I arrived here. Oof, I am so excited. I have not cut loose in such a long time. Aoife and Burt are coming along too, just to see the fantastic sight of a crowd of librarians drunk. It should be fantastic.

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