Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Penniless and Destitute

Well, I'm annoyed. Enraged, you might even say. Here is some back story, so you can share in my rightous indignation: When I handed in my notice at my last job, they asked for a months notice. I found my contract which said I only needed to give a WEEKS notice. On pointing this out to HR, I was sniffily told that the contract was wrong but that they supposed they couldn't make me work a month. What, exactly was I supposed to do, I wondered? Stick around for the month even though it was their mistake in having me sign the wrong contract?

I very nearly did, because I am that much of a simpering weakling who hates to upset people. In the end, on the back of many inspirational talks from Aoife, I worked two weeks notice and left with the not necessarily pleasant knowledge that I was despised by HR and would one day get my bad karma back in spades. Feckless and carefree, I discarded this idea and went about my merry way at my new job. Until yesterday. I emailed my old job asking if I could get my P45 and remaining pay. 'Since you were paid monthly,' they emailed back, 'you will recieve both at the end of the month.'

Now. I thought this fairly harsh and ranted and raved to anyone who would listen about their shabby treatment. 'Do you realise,' I said to David last night 'that not only are they holding off paying me for work I did weeks ago, but they are also stopping anyone else from paying me? They are, in essence, punishing me for leaving before their stupid month's notice. And that was their fault. Bet it's not even legal to do this. Pah! A thousand times, pah!'
'Did you say this to them?'
'What? No, of course I didn't. I'm chicken shit.'
'Why the fuck should I have to listen to it, then?' And he walked off.

I have since realised that the end of the month is actually this weekend, but that is hardly the point. I know I should have savings to fall back on when things like this happen but, honestly, it's the principle of the thing. I am enraged on principle*.

*Huh. Turns out I can think about many things simultaneously. Eg: 'I am an extremely principled person' aswell as 'I wish I had enough dough to go out tomorrow night' and 'I hope one of the boys leaves some money lying around the house so I can rob it.'

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