Monday, May 16, 2005

Full in the smile of the blue firmament

Eek. New job is very scary. I am terrible at it and take four hours to do one thing. Nobody seems to mind though, which is nice. They took me for lunch in the Guinness Storehouse which was very enjoyable and laughed kindly when I fucked up. I am much too scared to email in work yet but I expect that will pass. I am nothing if not unashamedly brazen.

In other news, Friday night turned out rather messily. Lucy forgot to eat lunch (all puffed up on builders compliments, I expect) and was very tipsy by seven o'clock and had to switch to water. Aoife, Burt and co. turned up to Pravda at 11.30pm in drunken and loud mood, and were very rude to the librarians. 'Are you Bronagh?' Aoife asked Caroline. 'She's always talking about you.'
'I'm Caroline.'
'Oh. Never heard her mention you' Aoife said and turned to Paul. 'You're very quiet, aren't you? Are all librarians as dull as ye lot?'

Burt was horrendously belligerent to a quietly amused Paul later and I spent the rest of the night fuming. Not so quietly. Being offensive to librarians is not a laughing matter.


Voodoolady said...

Best of luck in the new job Lucy, am looking forward to possibly 'doing lunch' with you should our lunchtimes ever coincide!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, can you email your mother with your gmail address, please?

Lucy said...

Yes, mother.