Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Other side of the world to me

Aoife just rang me. Drunk. She's in an Irish bar in some casino called New York, New York in Vegas. She was being chatted up by some fella who works in Vodafone Ireland who had a tri-band phone and as part of his chat-up program, urged her to ring anyone she wanted in the whole world. She rang me! I feel so hugely special now I might cry. Here's how the conversation went:

Aoife: Hiiiii!
Lucy: ...Aoife?
A: Yeah!
L: Wow, how are you, how are you ringing me?
A: Ohhh, [back story]... and the funny thing is, he's an idiot and I'm just humouring him to use his phone!
L: Wow. That's...hilarious.
A: Yeah!
L: Where are you?
A: Vegas!
L: Wow!
A: [Back story] and a vodka and coke costs NINE DOLLARS HERE!
L: Oh, wow.
A: Yeah, I know!

L: Are ye havin' fun?
A: Yeah! It's mega! You should see our hotel, there's a massive pool and I was lying out there all day today! I ALMOST ordered a cocktail but didn't.
L: Wow!
A: Oh, and I have LOADS of postcards for you-
L: Yeah, Aoife, what time is it there?
A: -San Francisco, LA, Vegas and, em,-
L: Cos it's half nine here-
A: Oh! And San Diego!
L: And I'm kinda in work.
A: What? It's half one in the morning here.
L: Are you locked?
A: Yeah! Kinda!
L: Are you going to send me the postcards?
A: No! Don't be silly. I'll just bring them back and give them to you!
L: Right.
A: Wanna talk to Sharon?
L: Sure.
A: I'll just find her...

['Sharon! It's Lucy! Where are- Hey, did you see Sharon anywhere? Sharon! It's Lucy in Ireland!' 'What? Really?']

Sharon: Luuuuuucyyyyyy!
L: Hi Shazbag!
S: What?
L: I said, Hi!
S: What?
L: Listen, I can't really shout cos I'm in work-
S: What?
S: What?
L: Oh, never mind.
S: What? Listen, I can't hear you so I'm going to give you back to Aoif', K?
L: Whatever.
S:... Okay, dunno if you're still there or not.

['Aoife! I can't hear her!' 'What? I could hear her perfectly, you must have broken it, Sharon.' Male voice injects here: 'Hey, can I have my phone back now?' 'No. You bugger off.']

A: Listen, Lucy, weeeee can't heeeeear youuuu, okaaaaaay? So, I'll ring you later, k?
L: Ok.
A: ... You did break it, Sharon, I can't hear anything.
L: Bye, so.
S: Just hang up, Aoife, she's probably gone.
L: ...
A: Right. [Hangs up.]
L: Bye?


Huw said...

Ah, the decadence of ALMOST ordering cocktails. Such luxury, such exorbitance.

Show-offs loitering in casinos with Tri-band phones and the like DESERVE this sort of thing. I hope it was broken.

Curly said...

I show off my tri-band phone in casinos all the time, If only I could get reception up here...

Lucy said...

How to pull a drunk Irish girl in Vegas- show her your tri-band phone. Works every time.

Anonymous said...

It usually doesn’t take any effort at all to score Aoife H.

Anonymous said...

You should delete that if you can.

Lucy said...

Can't afraid, Gra. I'm telling her you said that!

Anonymous said...

Gra you're a bitch. I am a very tough nut to crack. Everyone knows that.
Also the cocktais were like a 100 dollars or something so almost was always gonna be as close as i got.