Thursday, August 11, 2005

Aoife: Jet Setter

Aoife is gone to San Francisco. I am gutted. That girl is always jetting off some where! Liffey Valley one week, San Francisco the next. I look on the positive side of things, though. Mainly, that Burt went on holidays to Edinburgh this morning (with his sometime lover, Andrew. See Andrew? I do mention you). Bliss.

With these two minor dictators absent I am free to play all my music, ALL the time. I played two Sinead O'Connor CDs for hours last night, a thing unheard of in my house before. Of course this was only because David was gone all evening. Yes, rebellion is a bit dissatisfying when you're on your own. So what?

And so, in my ongoing tradition of pretending anyone cares about my crap music taste, here are my favourite songs this week. Blah-blah-make-mix-tape-and-pretend-youre-me-only-less-pretty-blah-blah.

How to be Idle- Oasis
We are all on Drugs- Weezer
99 Problems- Jay Z
9 to 5- Lady Sovereign
If U Ever- Sinead O'Connor
Buck Rogers- Feeder
Lua- Bright Eyes
Club Foot- Kasabian
Sour Times- Portishead
Uh La La- Goldfrapp
1- Joy Zipper
Novacaine for the Soul- Eels


Anonymous said...

Love Weezer love them -- photograph is best ever

Curly said...

A rollercoaster ride of an album if it were made, guaranteed to make you throw up after a listen.

All great tracks but...

...Lady Sovereign...

All we can hope is that Aoife gets home soon to put an end to the rebellion and all this "Sooooooooo oh dear, Huh where am I man…"

Curly said...

See, we DO care about your taste in music!

Voodoolady said...

Hey Lucy, where's the Hard-Fi on that list? I thought they were your new favourite band!?! *snigger*

Ah no seriously, I'm mean. I'm sure my taste in music is much much more crap than yours. Seriously.

Joey said...

Jay Z eh Lucia? Is Special K having the same effect on you as he had on me?

Lucy said...

Less of your sniggering, Donna. You own EVERY Spice Girls single released EVER.

Voodoolady said...

Damn right I did, Girl Power! I wish I was 13 again, those were good times.