Monday, June 13, 2005

We weren't ready for their jelly

The Destiny's Child are to split! The group that gave us such hits as Bootylicious and another half-dozen songs that I don't quite remember but were probably riotously good with spunky female-empowering lyrics and outrageously rollicking grooves! I am in shock. I don't know about you, but I was starting to warm to The Destiny's Child. I mean, I had even installed their timeless hit 'Lose my Breath' as my alarm wake-up call! If that doesn't get you out of bed, I don't know what will.

My sister got their new record a while back. I never got around to listening to it but I'm sure it's very good: it had some nice seemingly nude photography in the sleeve notes. Ah, well. Goodbye to them all: to Beyonce, to the skinny one and to the other one who never sings.

What? Oh, apparently they go by the moniker 'Destiny's Child' now, no 'The'. Apparently that’s as bad as calling The Bravery just 'Bravery'. I just don't know. These kids and their crazy didactic grammar guidelines.


Chris Cope said...

I like people who use "The" when referring to individual artists: "The Daniel Beddingfield."

Linus said...

I only use 'The' in relation to crippling diseases.

'Frank? Oh, Frank has the AIDS.'

I don't say it makes me a better person, or even a real person with feelings, instead of random bits of string.