Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Charging onwards for gender equality

Yesterday evening, as I stood waiting for my bus on Aungier St, a man at the bus shelter looked me up and down and said: 'Hello love. You've been off spending his money, haven't you? Good woman, that's what you're there for!'

Now. Shall we have some background here? I was, at this time, carrying a shopping bag from a high street clothes shop. He was, at this time, holding a can of Dutch Gold and a carrier bag which held what looked like three more. It was seven o'clock in the evening. He was weaving slightly. I know, I know that I should have stood up to him and pointed out that his awareness of gender relations was disarmingly outdated and insulting, that I was well able to earn and (very much so!)spend my own money, that I'd thank him to keep his sexist opinions to himself in future, if he didn't mind, especially when addressing classy young ladies such as myself.

Nevertheless, it doesn't do to start talking to men drinking lager at bus stops in the early evening. Unless you're Marie, obviously. Then it's called your love-life. I weep for the number of feminist stances I have been forced to forgoe for the sake of common sense. Damn personal safety! I resist hypocrisy in all it's forms!

Bloody winos.


Mossy said...

In a way he is spending your hard earned money on his cans via the Dole via Tax.

So really you have the right to ask him for one of his cans and he can't refuse you.

Although, he might be a part-time bum and work during the day. You never know, so you can't ask really for shame of accidentally stereotyping a part-time bum as a full-time bum. They are completely different breeds of people and would get insulted for mistaking them for the other.

The part-time bum would be insulted by the fact that he is not really a bum and it is purely social.

The full-time bum would be insulted by the fact that part-time bums don't have the commitment he has to being a bum and taking on the world single cannedly.

Marie said...

Lucy your such a snob. The poor man was just been friendly, wino's are people too you know. Like you've never taken a few swigs out of a can of Dutch Gold while waiting for the bus home in the early hours of the evening, who are you trying to kid. Hello you go to work half pissed from the night before most mornings. As for him being sexiest you are such a hyper sensitve feminist, how will you ever find a man to marry you and let you clean up after him, cook for him and please him in every possible way with that kind of attitude...

Chris Cope said...

Maybe he was delivering an anti-capitalist rant. By "his money" he meant The Man's money. For it is all The Man's money, and we are only given unacceptable amounts to play with for a bit so as to placate us into accepting this awful system.

"That's what you're there for," says our crusader, implying that you are a cog in the machine. You are being used. You are playing The Man's game.

Or, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is no snob. What's all this talk of hyper-feminism? I've observed how her intake of alcohol is inversely proportional to her feminist ideals. Cheeky.