Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh, this rain it will continue through the morning as I'm listening...

Fuck, it's dirty out.

When I got off the bus at Dame St this morning I was distressed that I had, on leaving the house three- quarters of an hour previously, not grabbed my umbrella as I had thought but instead chosen to pick up a large navy-blue napkin on a stick. What use is a napkin on a stick in flood conditions, I hear you ask. None, I say. I made the best of it though, and barely noticed the increasing dampness of my right shoulder under the bent right-half corner of my umbrella. Scarecely a grimace marred my placid repose as bits of the broken frame of the thing stuck repeatedly into my head. And only the briefest glimmer of a frown flashed across my angelic features when the handle fell off into a gutter. You see, I am tranquil. I am at peace with the world. Most of all, I am absolutely GRAND about the fact that most people I know seem to be either going to see U2 this weekend or have turned down tickets to see U2 this weekend. This is utterly fine with me. I mean it. Totally fine.


Honestly though, the audacity of some people! My father, who is going Monday, had the cheek to ask me if could I put him and the girlfriend up for the night. "No probs, daddio", I replied, "You just fix me up with a wee ticket for the gig, and I'll boot the Burtenshaw kid right out of his room. Dad? Dad? Er...hello?"


Curly said...

I was endlessly clicking around the interweb looking for a blog that just said "Interesting Person" as soon as you looked at it -

"Fuck, it's dirty out"
Did the job just fine!

Then to continue on about a 'napkin on a stick'.. it's made me chuckle quite a lot today! Cheers!

Chris Cope said...

I like the fact that your dad asked to crash at your place with his girlfriend. It makes him sound as if he's still in university and you will have to keep him from raiding your fridge before he leaves.