Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So it looks like your site is fucked, eh?

Hardly! I am not just Lucy, polite young female co-habiting with two gorillas. I am other things besides. The gorillas' awareness of this site need not spoil everything. In fact, this discovery may be a good thing. It will allow me to explore other sides to myself, to share with you all some lesser known facets of my luminous personality. For example did you know that I am, as a human body, slightly off kilter? I have one foot bigger than the other, one eyeball, one calve and one index finger. All these gigantic anomalies occur on the right-hand side of my body, if you're interested. I suspect a wayward magnetic drag during my gestation. If my mother stood still for the entire nine months, that is. Knowing that footloose hussy, not likely.


Misspent Life said...

I stand corrected, but if this is what "not fucked" will mean going forward I might reiterate my earlier statement.

Chris Cope said...

Maybe you came out of the womb sideways; your shoulder got stuck on one of the walls as you were coming out and you were a bit stretched.