Monday, March 07, 2005

The Final Reveal

Uh oh. On Saturday night, Burt discovered the existence of my blog. Aoife's fault mainly as it was she that told him as I sat, tight-lipped and tense, wondering how I might get to a computer before him and edit out all mention of his name. Not possible. He got onto it yesterday during his break at work. He rang me then, slightly disappointed not to have been mentioned more. 'Why do you think everyone at work hates you?' he questioned.
'Because they do.' I replied simply.

In other news, I am just back from my break and a cigarette at the back door, where I was lucky enough to be present for the arrival of Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, in the building. A big, black Minister's Merc pulled up and sent little quivers of excitement through the throngs (alright, three) of photographers assembled outside. She jumped out of the passengers seat, hand outstretched to those greeting her and a smile of apology for her lateness on her lips. What grace! What compelling presence! She is my new favourite Minister, I think. Long story short, watch your newspapers tomorrow morning for a picture of the Minister arriving at DIT Aungier St for the launching of something and see if you can spot a star-struck young lady in a tan coat lurking in the background, clutching a carton of milk and a cigarette. That would be me!

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