Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lucy Laid Bare [Explicit nudity from start to finish]

Ahem. Looks like I've been scuppered. Could have been worse though. I mean, David [sweetly disguised as 'The Truth'] could have revealed me as a lot worse than someone who exaggerates their stories to get attention. For example, 'obnoxious', as he called me last Thursday night. A 'mouthy drunk' also, apparantly. But hey, that's probably common knowledge. It's amusing to note that he had no problem being labelled as lazy, filthy or intentionally cruel and disgusting, just with being called scientifically obtuse while drunk. Typical.


Anonymous said...

We hope you can still taste us!!!!

Linus said...

I can get more explicit nudity in the comfort of my own home. Which, considering as I live with fourteen old age pensioners, makes for a fraught, not to say horrifying home life.

They need a damn good ironing, frankly.

Misspent Life said...

So it looks like your site is fucked, eh?