Saturday, January 07, 2006

There's a girl works down the chip-shop thinks she's Lucy

I'd update but I am off celebrating. I've told everyone I know that I have been nominated for a prestigious blogging award. That's right, nominated. By my peers. Don't go correcting them, what they don't know won't hurt them. My aunt Mercy roared laughing. Everyone else seemed vaugely impressed though. I am thinking of letting the mayor honour me. She managed to marry into Mossy's family though so her judgement can't be all that sound. When I win I can put 'Lucy Aughney-Ireland's greatest blogger' on my passport. Brilliant.

Also, wee Laura Murph turned nineteen on Tuesday. She is hugely grumpy about it so don't mention it. What's nineteen, I say? Twenty-three, now that's a bitch of a number. March twenty-first, fuckers. I read an interview with Mark Little last week and in it he goes: 'if you're not passionate about something at twenty-one, you may as well wait for death'. What? I'm not passionate about anything except tuna sandwiches. That and where my next vodka is coming from.

Poor Lucy. An internet celebrity and a passionless worm waiting for death. I'm feeling a bit lukewarm about 2006 so far.


Huw said...

I too try and live day to day via the philosophy of Joe Mangel.

liz said...

awww luce i would imagine your a very passionate person...,when you bother your ass to give a fuck hahaha!
were all back from bulgaria in one piece thank god!many many bumps and bruises! and lots of stories for ya too!
talk to you soon hun!
p.s. how comes your unemployed??? you musta done something really bad for your own mom to fire you! i never even managed that one!!!
liz xx

Mossy said...

I'm terribly confused. Who? What Chip-shop? My Family?

Lola? Deirdre?

Mossy said...

Wait. I should have read it properly. Now it makes sense. Never mind my last comment so.

Anonymous said...

LUCY AUGHNEY ... come on, you're the most passion driven person I know... you'd climb over hot coals to purchase a book cd or drink you really wanted... you'll pose for cheesy photographs and read guidebooks and scream with glee when you recognise place names.You get so excited that you start to hyperventilate when you're talking about stuff you really enjoy... if thats not passion come on...???

Voodoolady said...

You may be an internet celebrity Lucy, but I am a genuine celebrity now, for I made my television debut last thursday night on the liffey laughs just after John Bishops set. I was the one the camera held on for a good 10 seconds as I was guffawing away. If you had heard the shriek of horror I gave on seeing myself you would know just how bad I looked.

fuzzbrian said...

21st of March, huh?

Get wide to this - my birthday is 18th March, day after paddy's day. I bet there'll be much more people out for my birthday than there will be for yours.

Then again, i am so superior to you, the founding fathers of our state decided to put the best national holiday/ piss up of the year as a PRELUDE to my birthday party.

Don't forget to get me a card, loser.

Andraste said...

March 21 is the greatest birthday to have. It's the first day of spring, something everyone's always happy to see.

Though this March 21, I turn 40. Eeek. That's okay though, because I look 25 and act 12. It's all good.