Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little sister mine

Wow. Thank you all. Sally is majorly delighted. If she could figure out how to post a comment, and if she had time off from faffing about college and flicking her hair she would tell you herself. Instead, I will do it for her. This is thank you, Sally style:

Tnx so much!U guys roc!!Can sum1 get me a job in da Gap now?and sum fake id i wnt b 19 for like a whole month.Tnx again!!!

She means it you guys. Also, I know Canada doesn't have an STD named after it. That was just me trying to be funny. Failing miserably, as usual. Anyway. Next problem up for group discussion: Jenny Len spilt Lucozade on my new brown leather bag last weekend. It won't come off when I rub it or when I frown at it. Suggestions from the floor?

PS: I'm going to be in Dublin next weekend. Get the lead out you guys. And the vodka. The lead isn't actually necessary. That was just me trying to be an asshole. Successfully, I think we can all agree.


Elisa said...

What part of Canada has she decided to go to? Legal drinking age is 18 in: Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. Everywhere else is 19. I had friends who would drive 3 hours to the quebec border on a friday night just to get a pint. Of course the second they came back into Ontario the cops would lag them for underage drinking. doh!

Marie said...

Good because I need someone to get drunk up here with me this weekend to help me forget about how plastered I was last weekend.

Voodoolady said...

OOOOOOOoh, do you want to come to a wedding reception on friday night. It is in Messers...classy!

I think I am also going out on sat night to celebrate assignment day being over so we must meet up that night at least. I will warn you though, last saturday night I ended up in coppers......and had a great night. Beware.

Mossy said...

I sat and waited,
and waited and sat,
until i sat upon my hat.
And that is that,
for in my hat,
there lay a cat.

Who are you,
I said to him,
To which he muttered,
I am Jim,
and Jim sat there,
without a sound,
only to purr
and walk around.

He walked for hours,
and days and days,
until I asked him,
what did you say?

He said to me,
I've told you once,
I am a cat,
and I like to pounce.

stephenesque said...

I beleive it is a fairly simple matter to find employment at the Gap, as long as you can supply your own wireless communication headset.

Is said...

Totally unrelated to the posts, but did you see this?:

Marie said...

Are you all right Mossy? If you ever need to talk...I'm sure there's people out there who you could pay to listen.

Chris Cope said...

Submerge the whole bag in a vat of Lucozade. This will disguise the existing stain.

Anonymous said...

The arse has fallen out of your site since you mooved back to Waterford.

Marie said...

If you really believe in what you say why don't you have the balls to leave your name?

liz said...

oh my god!guess what i was login into your blog for a look and i put http://feigninginterest.com in the URL byy accident and guess what? you are also a bad check it out!hope your well hun! heard you had the cops called on you on wednesday nite!tut tut you cant be brought anywhere!