Friday, December 02, 2005

Marie Connolly: Our Woman in Dublin

Marie went to David Grey in the Point last night. These are pictures of Mr Grey grooving up the crowd which she sent on to me in the wee hours of this morning. Not pictured are Marie and Julie hyperventilating over Sail Away. You see how current I am? I have representatives all over the shop reporting on all that's happening. All for you.


S'alright. Just remember me when you're buying your Christmas vodka.


Marie said...

Sail away with me Lucy, put your heart in my hands, sail away with me Lucy now, now, sail away with me, what will be will be, I want to hold you now, now...

fuzzbrian said...

I think you'll find "dave" spells his surname with an A.

But maybe Grey is more apt. Cos he's dull and boring. Like shit.

stephenesque said...

Yes yes yes, David Gray and all that ... but where are those legendary concert pictures of Mary O' Slagge & her Swingin' Organ Grinders live at the Ladieslip Leisure Center in 2003?

Anonymous said...

hey luce have u mentioned my visits to the frames, the bravery and the franz ferdinand in the last week? not so up to the minute! am also currently in ljubljania *or some such spelling* but its ok i am a forgiving soul!!!

Voodoolady said...

My mum's going to see Dave in London - what a rocker.

fuzzbrian said...

S'alright. Just remember me when you're buying your Christmas vodka

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