Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Man and Wife and Lucy

Lisa and John's wedding photos are online! I have been wittering around in excitement for the last, oh, twenty minutes. All the good looking people in them are Lisa and John's families. John is the terrified looking lad in the pink tie, and Lisa is the slender goddess in the white frock. Joanne, our intrepid Woman in Auckland, first appears in frame 10.5 in a minty-blue strapless dress accompanied by the rest of the stunning Mitten women; Lisa's other sister Paula in the frothy lime-green number and their mum, Bridie in an elegant lavender.

I am present (off-camera) for numbers 5 to 16, holding handbags and the like for our models, and my shadowy profile appears over Joanne's right shoulder in number 22, and again behind Seamus in cerise and purple (me, not Seamus) in number 48.5. Shortly after these photos were taken it started pissing down and most of us got drenched legging it to the bus. Not I though. I wore kitten heels and could out run all the frothy numbers no bother. Then at the reception there was a lightening storm and all the lights went in the hotel and we ate and drank in candlelight for two hours without realising it, mistaking a power cut for romance.

Anyway, I know what you're going to say: It's a crime I don't feature more.

In consolation I give you this self portrait fashioned from the remainder of my lunch. I hates tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

As usual, you glow with red-eyed goodness.

fuzzbrian said...

Wow, great photos. Check out this hot shit that when down all over the town charlie brown in.... barcelona.

She tried her best god love her, and she just went for the shift. from a long way off. she's only human i guess.


Curly said...

Damn, 'Anonymous' stole my red-eye joke.

liz said...

lovely self portrait you have just opened a who new arena in the modern art field!! the likeness is uncanny, the green hair, the red yes, not to mention the orange lipstick there hasnt been an abstract likeness like this since the time jesus wiped his face in the shrowd thing!

Misspent said...

Kitten heels? You are so cruel? Whatever will those poor baby cats walk on, their kitten knees?